Friday, September 01, 2006

Hazing Lands UA Chapter on Probation

UA Fraternity On Probation After Hazing Complaint
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- A hazing complaint has landed one University of Alabama fraternity in hot water.
In May, one Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge claimed his initiation included cigarette burns and kicks to the face.

Now his allegations have not only put the Tuscaloosa chapter on probation, but forced one fraternity member to find a new school.

Nashville native Mitch Strange came forward four months ago. He said that at one point, fraternity brothers made the pledges sit in a shower in their underwear. He then claimed pledges were punched and kicked in the face. The university and the national Sigma Phi Epsilon office launched an investigation into the incident.

All fraternity members were forced to reapply for membership and some were denied. One member was even told not to come back to the university.

The chapter is now officially on probation.

This is the second time the university has placed this fraternity on probation in the last three years.

Strange withdrew from Alabama and transferred to the University of Mississippi.
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