Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sigma Alpha Mu Makes Alcohol Prevention An Early Priority

AlcoholEdu provided by Sigma Alpha Mu at no cost to all new members

Indianapolis, IN – In light of recent alcohol-related incidents on college campuses around the country, Sigma Alpha Mu announced today that all candidates will be required to complete an online alcohol prevention program upon joining the Fraternity. This decision reflects Sigma Alpha Mu’s commitment to the health and welfare of its students, especially as it relates to risky behaviors affiliated with drinking.

“High-risk drinking is prevalent on college campuses around the country and it is the responsibility of all those involved – students, parents, and college personnel – to become engaged in the solution,” Lawrence J. Leib, Supreme Prior said. “Sigma Alpha Mu believes strongly that it is essential to get ahead of any problems by exposing all students to strategies to help make healthier decisions.”

As the cornerstone of its comprehensive prevention plan, Sigma Alpha Mu asks every candidate to complete and pass AlcoholEdu® for College, an online alcohol prevention program. This new program has been secured by a grant from Sigma Alpha Mu’s Percy Weinberg Fund. The non-opinionated program, developed by Boston-based Outside The Classroom, is used on more than 450 campuses around the country and integrates proven prevention techniques into a science-based curriculum. The program includes three confidential surveys which will help Sigma Alpha Mu understand the effectiveness of its efforts following the completion of the program.

Chapters are required to have 100% completion AlcoholEdu prior to initiation. This will result in a 10% discount on insurance premiums for chapters in compliance. Chapters that fail to have their candidate complete the course before initiation will receive up to a 25% surcharge on their premiums for the upcoming year for violation of the Risk Management Policy and a $500 fine.

“College is all about preparing students for life beyond the classroom,” Leib said. “Sigma Alpha Mu is confident that our prevention efforts will have a lasting impact on students, benefiting them in ways that endure well beyond their college careers.”
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