Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sig Ep on USN&WR Top Schools

Chuck Eberly commented on the earlier report that he wondered how Sig Ep is ranked on each of those campuses. Well, say no more. We got our crack staff on the job and looked up the information. Each school with a Sig Ep chapter has grade reports in the "Chapters" section of the HQ website. The Buchanon Cup information was a bit trickier, but some searching turned up a PDF file with the full history.

So, how does it look? Not too shabby, actually. Of the 11 schools in the "top ten" - accounting for ties - Sig Ep is on eight of the campuses. On 6 out of the 8 the chapter GPA is 3.48 or above. On the four of them where GPA rankings were available we were #1.

An area where the chapters could improve is in the Buchanan Cup awards. Dartmouth was the only chapter to get a cup in 2005. Two others were honored in 2003, but it has been a while for the rest. Only one chapter (Yale) has not been awarded a Buchanan Cup, but they are relatively new and have great things to come.

All in all a very impressive show. Great work!

How is Sig Ep doing on the U.S. News & World Report top schools?
Rank College Sig Ep Chapter Buc. Cups (latest) GPA; Rank
1 Princeton University No Chapter -na- -na-
2 Harvard University No Chapter -na- -na-
3 Yale University CT Delta -0- 3.58 - spring 2006
4. (tie) California Institute of Technology No Chapter -na- -na-
4. (tie) Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA Delta (sec) 8 (1991) 3.6 (1/27) spring 2006
4. (tie) Stanford University CA Pi 5 (1999) 3.55 - fall 2005
7 University of Pennsylvania PA Delta 1 (2003) 3.14 (23/33) fall 2005
8 Duke University NC Gamma 2 (1983) 3.5 (1/16) fall 2005
9. (tie) Columbia University NY Phi 3 (2003) 3.21 (8/13) fall 2005
9. (tie) Dartmouth College NH Alpha 5 (2005) 3.48 (1/13) fall 2005
9. (tie) University of Chicago IL Mu 1 (1999) 3.61 (1/13) fall 2005

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