Sunday, August 13, 2006

Medical Alert

How to Stay Healthy at College
Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld

In an article in today's PARADE, Dr. Rosenfeld lists ways for college students to protect themselves from major health problems. The list includes the following shots:
Tetanus and diphteria boosters, if its been ten years sine the last shot.
Flu shot, every year.
Meningitis vacccine (MCV4) required by many colleges.
HPV vaccine, recommended for females starting as early as age 11 or 12.
Mumps revaccination, if there has been an outbreak nearby.
Hepatitus B vaccine, recommended by many colleges.

There have been numerous severe cases, including death, which have happened each year on college campuses. You do not know all of the people you come in contact with and their health histories. An ounce of prevention may save you from life threatening illnesses and critical life-altering issues.
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