Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey, what's with the ads?

Yes, those are ads at the top of the page. No, we haven't 'sold out' to corporate greed. (Oh, wait. I'm working on my MBA. I'm supposed to be all about corporate greed.) Actually this is an experiment to see if we have enough traffic at this site to effectively "monetize"it. (I learned that word in my class on "buzzspeak". heh)

I doubt you will see S&P in the "Sigma Senate" as a result of a few piddly ads, but we might be able to partly fund some of the various contributions we make from time to time. Last August, for instance, we had a "Web Site of the Year" contest with certificates and a contribution to the winner's chapter scholarship fund. A "Guess when we hit 50K" contest got another scholarship contribution. So if we can gather up some cash to help those efforts along I think it could be a good deal.

Of course if nobody clicks then the whole effort is useless, but a lot of that is in Google's court. They are the ones who are putting the ads on the space and they will choose which ones show up. If they are as good at this as they claim then we should start seeing ads for stuff that people in college and in fraternities would be interested in fairly soon. We shall see. If you see something intriguing remember that a click is a way to support S&P and ultimately, Sig Ep.

As always, your feedback is solicited. Post a comment or send an email directly to us. The contact info is on the sidebar. Thanks

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