Thursday, August 24, 2006

Contribute to SigEp through your United Way paycheck deduction

The word is getting out. At CLA's earlier this year volunteers learned about another way in which you can help out Sigma Phi Epsilon and your chapter. Did you know that a donation to the United Way can benefit the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation?

Donating to the United Way is something that many of us already do in our work place. You can direct your United Way donation to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation by completing a manual deduction form and submitting it to your employer. In many cases your employer will match your contribution. You may want to touch base with the United Way representative for special things you might need to do, for instance your donation may need to be routed to a particular United Way location and then to the Educational Foundation.

All you need to do is indicate "Other" on the form and indicate the donation is to be sent to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation, 310 S. Boulevard, Richmond VA, 23220. You will also need to list the Foundation's United Way number, which is 073880, and indicate the funds are for your chapter's Chapter Investment Fund (CIF)(see comments), Chapter Scholarship Fund, or any number of programs through the Educational Foundation.

If you opt to do this please send an email to to notify her that you have directed your pledge to the Foundation, and that you want it to be directed to the particular fund of your choice.

Thanks to Justin Wiseman, AVC President of MI Theta at Lawrence Tech, for tipping off the blog team.
UPDATE! We received this note from Doug Scheibe, Executive Director of the Foundation. He clears up some items that may have been confusing.
Thanks to those spreading the word! You may want to rewrite the story with a few changes. While the thousands of local United Ways can find the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation in their database of 501(c)(3) corporations, the code number mentioned (073880) may not be relevant or may be confusing to some.

The most efficient way to designate a gift to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation through the United Way is to designate it this way:
Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation
310 S. Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23220
Federal Tax ID: 54-6053821

The Federal Tax Identification number will be recognized and searchable nationwide.

Also, some specific local campaigns may not allow a designation to SigEp, but everyone should make the effort to ask.

This is a great way to contribute, especially for regular United Way contributors.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon is proud to be one of the numerous organizations working with and benefiting from efforts of the United Way.


Doug Scheibe, Executive Director
Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation
804-353-1901 x319
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