Monday, August 28, 2006

Christian love and charity?

We got this link from one of our semi regular correspondents. Now I know that there are a sizable number of men of faith ,whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any of the many other religious traditions that are welcome in Sig Ep (that would be all of them). Can someone please explain why a group like this one feels they must pour out this combination of half-truths and suppositions that attempt to tear down one honorable institution in order to build up another supposedly honorable one?
Most fraternities say they are created because they want to encourage better scholarship and do good works in the community. They hide behind those good works just like other secret societies such as Freemasonry and the true nature or foundations of the organizations often remain hidden to the new members and possibly some of the older members. During our research, some of the key problem areas that surfaced were paganism, secret societies, idolatry, and sexual sin. It soon became abundantly clear that Satan is using college fraternities and sororities as another beachhead from which to launch an attack on the family and the church.
The thing is, these people - and I mean just the group sponsoring the website and selling the video, not the entire Christian body - seem to be as intolerant and narrow minded as those they profess to abhor. I hesitated before posting this because I did not want to give them more publicity, but decided that it is important for us to know that a)these groups exist and are serious about themselves, and b)their arguments are full of the hard-to-defend-against innuendo.

A classic one is "the newer members think everything is OK, but the higher-ups have a secret agenda." How do you disprove it? In the Freemasons "they " say the 33rd Degree Masons have dark schemes. Well I'm not a 33rd Degree so how would I know. But then how do they know? If I were feeling wiseass I'd say something silly about Freearks about now, but this is not something I want to joke about. For the record, the Christian tradition I grew up with was the one about loving thy neighbor and not casting the first stone. I just don't "get" these people.

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