Friday, July 14, 2006

'Regional' Facebook Officers

Facebook has recently launched its Global Groups, allowing students and alumni from across the country to link to each by becoming a member of any group. Sigma Phi Epsilon now has its own group, and the officers listed are eight of the SigEp regional directors.

School administrators and companies have been telling students to be careful of what is posted on their Facebook accounts. Some students heed this advice, while others still display pictures of themselves involved in illicit activities in the eyes of the legal system, and in activities not conducive of supporting SigEp's cardinal principles.

The regional directors of SigEp are by the nature of their position part of Sigma Phi Epsilon headquarters. So, is it fair to say that the Headquarters of SigEp is now represented on Facebook? And, where is the line drawn? If members of this group display pictures and phrases that are less that tactful, does this mean that they are condoned by Headquarters? The court of public opinion can decide this.

One thing is certain though. When the Regional Directors are part of the group, there is no room left for plausible deniability- something that could open the door for negligence.
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