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NIC All-American Baseball Team

2006 NIC All-Fraternity All-American Baseball Team

The North-American Interfraternity Conference is pleased to announce its 2006 All-American teams from NCAA Divisions I, II and III. The Division I first team is led by College World Series All-Tournament first baseman Bill Rowe of Oregon State; Stanford pitcher Greg Reynolds, second player chosen in the summer draft; and third team All-American outfielder Jay Miller of Washington State. The Division II-III first team features first team All-American pitcher Buddy Klovstad of Chapman and second team All-American outfielder Michael Passante of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The NIC Coach of the Year is Gene Stephenson (Pi Kappa Alpha) of Wichita State’s 46-22 NCAA playoff team.

Nominations were provided by various fraternity headquarters; Greek advisors, Interfraternity Councils, sports information directors at schools; individuals via the NIC website; and through research by Jay Langhammer. A total of 15 NIC member fraternities are represented from 44 colleges and universities.

Division I First Team
Pitcher—Greg Reynolds (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Stanford
3.31 ERA, 7-6 record, 108 K’s in 127.2 innings
Pitcher—J. D. Melton (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Wofford
4.74 ERA, 7-4 record, 4 saves, 34 K’s in 49.1 innings
Catcher—John Hester (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Stanford
.264 (51 of 193), 29 runs, 12 2B, 2 HR’s, 25 RBI
First Base—Bill Rowe (Sigma Phi Epsilon), Oregon State
.341 (78 of 229), 49 runs, 22 2B, 4 3B, 6 HR’s, 56 RBI
Infield—Randy Molina (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Stanford
.308 (40 of 130), 23 runs, 10 RBI
Infield—Matt Capece (Sigma Chi), Bucknell
.335 (59 of 176), 31 runs, 8 2B, 26 RBI, 17 stolen bases
Infield—Ryan Manthei (Lambda Chi Alpha), Valparaiso
.363 (53 of 145), 29 runs, 13 2B, 9 HRs, 31 RBI
Outfield—Paul Christian (Theta Delta Chi), Brown
.360 (59 of 164), 31 runs,16 2B, 8 HRs, 37 RBI
Outfield—Brian Kaufman (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Cornell
.326 (45 of 138), 45 runs, 6 3B, 9 HRs, 38 RBI, 11 stolen bases
Outfield—Jay Miller (Pi Kappa Alpha), Washington State
.361 (88 of 244), 49 runs, 28 2B, 37 RBI, 17 stolen bases
Designated Hitter—Chris Pieper (Sigma Chi), Bucknell
.407 (41 of 101), 18 runs, 3 HRs, 20 RBI
Utility (OF-P)—Kyle Walter (Sigma Chi), Bucknell
.335 (58 of 173), 33 runs, 17 2B, 3 3B, 3 HR’s, 37 RBI

Division II-III First Team
Pitcher—Buddy Klovstad (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Chapman
2.44 ERA, 13-1 record, 97 K’s in 125.1 innings
Pitcher—Jason Glushon (Sigma Nu), Emory
1.86 ERA, 9-2 record, 76 K’s in 92 innings
Catcher—Alan Germano (Sigma Chi), Washington (MO)
.372 (54 of 145), 43 runs, 10 2B, 7 HR’s, 52 RBI
First Base—A.J. Dote (Sigma Phi Epsilon), Ohio Wesleyan
.470 (55 of 117), 36 runs, 10 2B, 5 HR’s, 44 RBI
Infield—Rich Mundy (Phi Kappa Tau), R.P.I.
.355 (50 of 141), 43 runs, 15 2B, 3 HR’s, 35 RBI
Infield—Adam Sandt (Sigma Phi Epsilon), Stevens Tech
.418 (64 of 153), 35 runs, 12 2B, 6 3B, 44 RBI, 22 stolen bases

Infield—Jared Bogan (Lambda Chi Alpha), Wabash
.413 (52 of 126), 23 runs, 14 2B, 5 HR’s, 23 RBI
Outfield—James Madden (Sigma Chi), Washington & Lee
.435 (54 of 124), 39 runs, 9 2B, 5 3B, 7 HR’s, 30 RBI
Outfield—Michael Passante (Phi Kappa Tau), R.P.I.
.437 (69 of 158), 57 runs, 10 2B, 35 RBI, 32 stolen bases
Outfield—Gary Rosenberg (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) Johns Hopkins
.387 (55 of 166), 22 runs, 4 HR’s, 36 RBI
Designated Hitter—Ryan Dailey (Beta Theta Pi), Westminster (MO)
.407 (45 of 111), 23 runs, 11 2B, 3 HR’s, 23 RBI
Utility (DH-2B)—Justin Gordon (Sigma Nu), Emory
.350 (48 of 137), 25 runs, 10 2B, 3 3B, 19 RBI

Honorable Mention
—Rich Babb, Sigma Nu-Emory; Zach Barnett, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Central Arkansas; Luis Bougrat-Triangle-Rose-Hulman; Kip Byrum, Pi Kappa Alpha-Wake Forest; Matt Curry, Sigma Chi-Bucknell; Eric Davis-Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Stanford; Ryan Dettman, Delta Tau Delta-Nebraska-Kearney; Matt Eonta, Phi Kappa Sigma-Dickinson; Jamie King, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Dickinson; Justin Lynch, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-San Diego State; Michael Matsui, Triangle-Rose Hulman; Nick Mazzone-Lambda Chi Alpha-Valparaiso; Tom Mieczkowski, Sigma Chi-Emory; Nathan Mittig, Sigma Chi-Bucknell; Gerard Moreno, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Stevens Tech; Jake Moss, Sigma Chi-Bucknell; Nic Nottingham, Beta Theta Pi-Willamette; Scott Picerno, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Stevens Tech; Andy Placido, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Centre; Bailey Pratt, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Birmingham-Southern; Dallas Puksar, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Denison; Patrick Steffee, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Johns Hopkins; Sean Tuttle, Kappa Alpha Order-Oglethorpe; Dan Yeksigian, Phi Gamma Delta-Chicago; Joe Zongol, Phi Kappa Tau-R.P.I.

Catchers—Ed DeRose, Sigma Nu-Westminster (PA); Adam Knaack, Triangle-Rose-Hulman; James Manning, Beta Theta Pi-Westminster (MO); Rob Sanzillo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Johns Hopkins; Jordan Wesley, Kappa Alpha Order-Washington & Lee

First Basemen—Jason Castro, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Stanford; Kevin Fitzsimmons, Delta Tau Delta-Lawrence; Tully Gallagher, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Colorado Mines; Micah Kaplan, Pi Kappa Alpha-Princeton; Jonathan Marty, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-LaVerne; Blaise Milburn, Beta Theta Pi-Kenyon; Brian Rogers, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Randolph-Macon

Infielders—Ricky Angel, Sigma Chi-Illinois Wesleyan; Nick Angelini, Sigma Phi Epsilon-W.P.I.; Evan Baker, Kappa Alpha Order-Oglethorpe; Chris Brannan, Sigma Chi-Bucknell; Pat Cinqueregni, Sigma Chi-Illinois Wesleyan; Nick Crawford, Kappa Alpha Order-Millsaps; Todd Emr, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Johns Hopkins; Mark Francazio, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Westminster (PA); Jeremy Hochstedler, Triangle-Rose-Hulman; Matt Johnson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Willamette; Don Kirkwood, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Westminster (PA); David Kramer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Washington (MO); Joe Leake, Kappa Alpha Order-Westminster (MO); Neil Magruder, Beta Theta Pi-Knox: Jeff Maier, Delta Kappa Epsilon-Wesleyan; David Miller, Kappa Alpha Order-Washington & Lee; Mike Pangallo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Centre; Nate Rittenberry, Sigma Chi-Illinois Wesleyan; Carlin Shoemaker, Beta Theta Pi-Kenyon; Andrew Tesoriero, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Stevens Tech

Outfielders—Sean Anderson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Willamette; Bryce Baumann, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Johns Hopkins; Mike Berry, Phi Gamma Delta-Illinois Wesleyan; Mark Campo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Gettysburg; Brad Culling, Kappa Alpha Order-Southwestern (TX); Sam Cunningham, Sigma Chi-Emory; Tim Ernst, Kappa Alpha Order-Oglethorpe; Kellen Hurst, Triangle-Rose-Hulman; Bryan Langbord, Sigma Nu-Emory; Sean McGee, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Gettysburg; Nick Metzger, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Northwood (MI); Kyle Rakes, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Centre; Bryan Rosen, Beta Theta Pi-Lawrence; Matt Salisbury, Triangle-Rose-Hulman; Ryan Seawell, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Stanford; Chris Sisson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Case Western Reserve; Bryan Smith, Delta Tau Delta-Albion; Dan Valentine, Phi Kappa Tau-R.P.I.; Don Womeldorff, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Westminster (PA)

Designated Hitters—John Izzo, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Westminster (PA); Ben Jeffers, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Centre; Brian Pernice, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Gettysburg

Coaches—Mark Marquess (Delta Tau Delta), Stanford; Mike Martin (Pi Kappa Alpha), Florida State; Jim Schlossnagle (Lambda Chi Alpha), TCU; Ed Sprague (Delta Tau Delta), Pacific
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