Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another Great DG Steps Down!

Mike Skordeles from District 12 - Ohio passes the torch!
He sent the following message to the troops!

I have decided to step down as DG, which I have discussed wth Chris Minnis. My decision is based on increasing time constraints (2 little ones, MBAclasses, etc) and responsibilities (more travel forwork, etc.), each of which need to be done with my full attention.

As far as timing, I feel it is wise to make a changeover the summer to give my successor an opportunity to begin getting up to speed prior to the start ofclasses. I will be discussing a transition plan with Minnis when he gets back into Richmond.

Ultimately, I believe Marcus Robinson, lt. district governor, can more than adequately step up to the challenge of continuing the success in Ohio. He has repeatedly performed well, excelling in such roles as directing OH/MI EDGEs and facilitating at CLAs, among others.

In closing, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve Ohio and the Fraternity.
Mike S.

Well done thou good and faithful servant - hopefully you will find an active role in the ranks of alumni and continue to give good counsel to the many brothers and chapters you have touched.
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