Saturday, April 15, 2006

Purdue - Another One Bites the Dust

The Delta Tau Delta suspension marks the third fraternity suspension this year at Purdue. Either the parties are wilder or the administration is cracking down - or both.
Delta Tau Delta will be suspended until Oct. 1 and on probation until May 1, 2007, due to a hazing incident that occurred last fall.

According to an investigation by the University, an intoxicated member was stripped to his boxer shorts and bound with duct tape and left in front of his girlfriend's sorority house in freezing weather. The incident occurred shortly after the couple's lavaliering ceremony, a form of commitment where a fraternity member gives a woman his Greek letter charm
Earlier this year, Purdue University suspended Sigma Phi Epsilon for violating hazing rules after a pledge was hospitalized for drinking too much at a party.

Also this year, Purdue suspended the Delta Chi fraternity, which was already on probation, after officials determined a game of tag was hazing.

Undaunted, the Purdue administration tries to put on a happy face.
Pablo Malavenda, associate dean of students, said the University has a special opportunity right now because of the alumni and student leaders who are willing to help reshape the Greek system.

"We're taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people with some really good expertise and who have a commitment to the Greek community are willing to collaborate," he said.

Malavenda said the three steps involved are creating some task forces that are short-term, creating more long-term groups and reviewing practices that are in place now.
Zach Brettnacher, Interfraternity Council President and a junior in the College of Science, said the council also recently decided they need to take a more proactive approach toward disciplinary action.

"We are currently reevaluating our role at the University and meeting with the executive council every week, which meets Fridays for lunch," he said.
That's right. Make the tough calls. "Let's form a committee." You got short term committees and long term committees so you can study the issue to death. Oh, and be sure to go to lunch with the administrators.

Didn't Jack Abramoff start out this way?

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